Shopping in Turkey!

Gallium There are two ways to shop in Turkey.

  1. First, the customer makes the purchase himself and shows Gallium as the delivery address.
  2. The second method is that the customer can make a request to the company. In this case, the Gallium team receives the product requested by the customer and sends it.

If you want to do the shopping yourself, you first need to register on the website.

When you register, you have a shipping address in Turkey and you type this address as the delivery address of your purchases.

When your products arrive at the delivery address, you are notified and when they arrive at the delivery address, they are opened by the Gallium team and undergo a quality control phase.

If you wish, you can request shipping by collecting the only package you receive or all the packages you receive at different times in one package. This allows you to get up to 80% off.