Transport Rules

The products in the list below cannot be sent via Galyum.

Transport rules

The products listed below are not shipped through gallium.

  • Cosmetics (Perfume, Cream, etc.)
  • Food (Tea, Plant, Nuts, Seeds, Supplementary Foods, etc.)
  • Battery-powered Devices (Phone, Computer, etc.)
  • Branded Imitation Products (Clothing, Accessories etc.)
  • Chemical Substances (Flammable, Fluid, Disinfected etc.)
  • Weapon (Knife, Bullet, Rifle Etc.)
  • Medical Products (Surgical Mask, Medicine, etc.)
  • Valuable Shipment (Diamond, Gold, Silk, Fur etc.)

As a Galyum user, you must ensure that this process takes place within a legal framework when sending products.

Products You Will Buy!

Pay attention to the products you will buy when shopping in Turkey, then you may encounter unnecessary costs. You can see our banned products above, you can contact the gallium team for more information.

Country of Delivery !

We have deliveries with gallium in more than 220 countries, but there are exceptions for some countries, exceptional countries are not currently shipped to these countries as shown below, you can contact the Galyum team on shipments by country.

Pay Attention to Fees!

Gallium offers you a lot of free services, it does not make surprise payments, but remember that the tax system of each country is different, so gallium does not interfere or interfere with the taxes you pay.All taxes belong to the consignee of the cargo.

Laundering of proceeds of crime and prevention of the financing of terrorism

As is well known, freight companies engaged in transport activities, as described in the regulations and communiqués issued pursuant to Act No. 5549 on the Laundering of Criminal Proceeds and the Prevention of the Financing of Terrorism, are obliged to obtain from our customers the information and documents requested from their customers as part of the identification obligation, so that it is necessary to obtain from our customers information and/or documents relating to identification.

We thank you for your cooperation with this statutory requirement.

Sanctioned destinations

We do not have bids to the following countries.

In some current problems and developments, shipments can be stopped in different countries.

You can get information about the country you will be visiting by contacting the gallium team.

  • Crimea Region - Cuba - Iran -North Korea - Sudan - Syria - Iraq
  • War Zones, Emergency Zones, Special Situation Countries.

Shipment return/disposal statuses:

If shipments are not received by the buyer in the recipient country for any reason (not at the address, and the recipient does not pay customs duties in the recipient country), the products are destroyed or returned by Fedex, UPS, TNT or DHL. The costs incurred in the event of transfer or return belong to the sender.

If any of the above products are found in the contents of the packaging, the shipping request will be cancelled.

In case of cancellation, your package will be refunded to the sender’s address and the costs of arrival and return will be borne by the customer who made the shipment.

Data / Special fees:

Customs duties, taxes and other customs fees are not included in the prices.

A special transport price of +95 € is requested for loads of 30 kilograms and more than 70 cm in one piece

The volume 40 Ds/Kg and more is calculated from a single piece with a special carrying price of +95 € for loads greater than 30 kilograms and 120 cm.

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