The most frequently asked questions about shipping cargo from Turkey.

The most frequently asked questions about shipping cargo from Turkey.

How can I shop using my Galyum address?

You can write your private address in the delivery address section of the websites you shop, as shown on the my Turkey address page.
Do not forget to include your customer number when adding the delivery address.

What can I order from Turkey?

Clothing, decor items, books, DVDs, electronic goods, hobby supplies, sports products, etc. from boutique or world-renowned brands. you can buy.

What are the products I cannot send?

Weapons and gun parts, flammable and explosive materials, anti-religious or any discriminatory products, cultural and natural assets, human organs, cosmetics, prescription drugs, food, supplements, sculptures, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, drugs and vehicles that enable their use, chemicals, mobile phones, money, antiques, stocks – bonds – bonds, foreign currency, checks and promissory notes, live – dead animals, jewelery and commercial products for resale and the Undersecretariat of Customs on fast cargo transportation on 19.04.2011 As a result of the restrictions made by the circular, tobacco and tobacco products cannot be sent by us.

What is volumetric weight?

The determining factor in shipping costs is the space occupied on the plane rather than the actual weight of the package you send.
This is the volumetric (or dimensional) weight of your shipment.
Volumetric calculation; It is calculated as length x depth x height / 5000.

Can I keep my packages in my mailbox to send them together?

Of course you can wait. However; Your incoming packages are stored on your behalf for 60 days free of charge.
For this reason, you can benefit from storage that does not exceed 60 days.
If it is exceeded, a storage fee of €1 per kg per day will be added.

What is package consolidation?

If you choose your packages on the site and send them to the same address, your packages will be automatically combined.
You can also request physical unification by sending an e-mail to our customer service with the names of the packages you want to combine.
Your packages will be repackaging by combining them in the most appropriate way.
Since a package is intervened free of charge once, if you create a reassembly or shrink request for the package you have merged, +€5 processing fee is applied.

What should I do if my package arrives in my mailbox damaged?

While receiving your package; if any obvious damage is detected on the outside, it will be sent back to the seller without receiving it and you will be informed about it.
If your package is opened after receiving it and there is significant damage again, it is recommended that you contact your seller by informing you.
It will be helpful if you initiate returns at the end of your conversations.
Packages are not carefully examined, so any scratches, scrapes, etc. damages may be overlooked, in such cases, cannot be held responsible for not notifying.

I did shopping. But I gave my address wrong, what should I do?

Make sure that you write the address we have defined for you as correctly when you write it in the shipping address section of the website where you will shop.
In case the address is misspelled, first forward the issue to our Turkey customer service personnel with a support request that you can open on the website.
Then report the situation to the site where you shop.
We can call the site you are shopping for on your behalf and have them take control of the situation.
But in general, we can state that in this case, there is a 50% chance that your cargo will reach us.
While many shopping sites do not change the address of the package that has been sent, even if they try to do a partial address update, the shipping companies may send the package back to the seller without accepting this.
In some cases, the shopping site and the cargo company work in agreement and approve the change.

Can I Track My Packages?

After the package you have paid for is processed, it is transferred to the “My Sent Packages” section. From here, you can follow up by clicking the “Track Shipment” button.

I can buy commercial products from Turkey.

Yes, with the Gallyum corporate service, you can shop wholesale from Turkey and supply products to sell and market in your own country.
You can have more information by visiting our corporate page for commercial cargo and purchasing options.