Shipping Pricing

With Airfreight Cargo, we send your shipments to more than 220 countries, including remote regions, with price advantages of up to 80%.

Express Cargo Price Calculator

Your Shipping Weight ?

When calculating the weight of shipments, the weight and volumetric weight (deci) on the scale are based.
In volumetric weight calculations, the aspect and height values of your shipment are multiplied by 5000.
(W* H* L) / 5000 = Volume Weight


Compare the current weight of the package with its volumetric weight.

What can I buy from Turkey?

We have some transport rules, please visit our transport rules page for more detailed information.

The heavy one

Whichever of the two weights is heavier, the price is calculated from that weight.

What is included in the prices?

Please note that the price you have seen above includes only the shipping fee, excluding taxes in the receiving country.

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