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Get a free delivery address in Turkey and benefit from many services.


Shop in stores and online shopping sites in Turkey.

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When completing your purchases, use the address you obtained from Galyum as the delivery and billing address.

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Let’s combine your incoming packages and get up to 80% off the transportation of the packages.

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Shop at any store in Turkey and we will send your products to any address within 1 day.

All you have to do is register with Galyum and have an address in Turkey.

  • Unlimited Shopping: The product you like doesn't have international delivery? With Galyum , you can do unlimited shopping from any store in Turkey.
  • Unlimited support: Experienced in shopping and delivery from Turkey, the Galyum team is ready to support its users at every step.
  • Easy to Use: You can easily manage and track all your shopping and international deliveries through your Galyum customer panel.
  • Satisfied Customer: Try Turkey's best shopping and package forwarding service with a customer satisfaction rate of 99%!

With Air Cargo, we ship your shipments to more than 220 countries, including remote regions, with price advantages of up to 80%.

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Get a free delivery address in Turkey and benefit from many services.

Free Storage | 60 Day

Galyum customers shop at their stores in Turkey and send them to our warehouses and are stored for free for 60 days.

Express Delivery

Your Shipments by Air Cargo are at your desired address within 1 to 5 days after you arrive.

Free Shipping within Turkey

We pay for your cargo to be sent to our transfer center from all over Turkey.

Buy For Me

Let our personal shopping consultants buy your favorite product for you; Have the Galyum come to your door.


Receive your cargo safely and quickly with UPS, TNT and DHL, one of the world’s largest logistics companies.

Free Package Consolidation

Products you buy from different stores are combined with other products waiting at your Galyum address. This way you’ll pay less shipping.

Price advantage

We deliver your cargoes in Turkey to your address with price advantages of up to 80%.
International Cargo

Online Tracking

You can track your shipments by pressing the ‘Where’s My Package’ button.

Very Simple!!

Whether you buy a T-shirt or redo your wardrobe altot!

Take your purchases from your address with the most affordable shipping prices by taking advantage of many free services of Galyum.

All you have to do is use your gallium address for your purchases!

  • Buy items from multiple stores and ship them to our warehouse.
  • Choose Package Combine and we will combine all your products into one package
  • Save up to 80%, Let's flip a bundle with all your purchases
  • Then we will send it to your address as fast as possible.

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