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Have your consultant look into it for you, buy it with your approval, check it out, repackage it.

Get Delivery

From Turkey to the World – Receive your products in more than 220 countries, including remote regions.

Product Research

We investigate the products you request from Turkey or receive the product you will order from the manufacturer or supplier you want.

Package Consolidation

We create low shipping costs by combining your orders from Turkey at the same or different times.

Sample Supply

If you wish, we will provide you with a sample of the products you intend to buy.
(Sample fee and shipping fee belong to the buyer)

Storage and Logistics

We store in a safe environment with our state-of-the-art tools, appliances and barcoding systems in our storage area.


We create the purchase by paying for the products you request together with the supply of the products you request by the manufacturers/suppliers together with your acceptance.


We deliver from Turkey to the whole world – to more than 220 countries, including remote regions.

Success Stories

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Why Galyum

The biggest reason our customers work with us is the TRUST they hear

In addition to trust, we produce end-to-end solutions.

You are in contact with a person from the procurement process to the delivery of the products you intend to buy from Turkey.
We negotiate on your 10th of 100th day when supplying your products and offer you the best product at the most affordable price.
In the delivery process, we offer services such as package consolidation, repackaging for free.
We don’t have a lower and upper limit, your order can be €10 or €100,000.
The trade you will make through gallium is purely cheffa.

What’s in your costs?

The trade you will make through galyum is completely CHEFFATIR.

A commission of 5% is requested on the total amount of the orders received.
A shipping fee is charged for the delivery country.
Extra fees may be charged for private research outside Istanbul.
Galyum does not charge fees for membership, monthly, registration, etc.
Galyum does not in any way put an extra profit + commission etc. on the ordered products.
The price to be offered to you as a result of the researches is the price including all Turkey operations (Product Price + Turkey Taxes + Shipping Fee + Commission Fee)

Taxes born at the delivery address, which is the country of arrival, are excluded.

Who can import?

Individual, Limited or INC. anyone who operates or does not engage in commercial activity can import products to their country.

What can I get from Turkey?

Clothing products such as Textiles, Shoes, Accessories etc.
Machinery, Spare parts, electronics etc. equipment
Office, Home furniture, etc. accessory items
Souvenirs etc. products
Please check our page for transportation rules and access to prohibited products.

You can contact us for all other questions and opinions.

Phone : +90 212 668 57 57 – Whatsapp Line: +90 532 584 28 25

Where can I shop?

You can shop in many physical stores in Turkey.

For example, you can shop in Istanbul from Laleli – Merter – Güngören – Osmanbey districts, electronics from Perpa Trade Center or furniture centers such as mascot and modoka.

You can also buy from many online wholesale shopping sites in Turkey. / / / / /

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