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What is Gallium?

Gallium Individual defines a delivery address in Turkey for its users living abroad and allows them to make unlimited purchases from all e-commerce sites, including sites without overseas delivery.

In order to increase the added value it offers to its users, it buys products in Turkey on behalf of its members with the "buy for me" option, combines shopping packages, provides product cancellation/return support, offers various services such as 60 days of free storage and discounted package routing.

Gallium Enterprise provides many value-added services such as sample supply, purchasing, package consolidation warehouse and logistics services at the request of its customers, as well as identifying a delivery address in Turkey for companies and individuals based abroad. was established to contribute to turkey's branding and e-export. is a private organization that provides package routing services from Turkey to 220 countries around the world.

Galyum Türkiye içinde kargo hizmeti veriyor mu ? chevron_right

No, I don't want to

Gallium does not serve any cargo, courier etc. in Turkey.

It only provides overseas package routing and international cargo service.

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We make agreements with other carriers on behalf of companies and individuals and give you the most affordable price by taking advantage of the group purchasing power.

With the package consolidation option, we convert many different cargoes into a single package and benefit from price advantages of up to 80%.

With the Repackaging service, we provide you with a price advantage with minimum volumes of your packages.

Türkiye'den Galyum adresi nasıl alabilirim ? chevron_right

Click Sign Up, which you see on the home screen, and sign up after you fill in the necessary information. After the membership process is completed, you can reach your Gallyum address in Turkey on your account.

Galyum adresimi kullanarak nasıl alışveriş yapabilirim ? chevron_right
You can write your specific Gallium address in the delivery address of the store where you shop in Turkey.
Galyum adresine gelen paketler açılıyor mu? chevron_right

It is a legal requirement to declare what is in each box for international shipping. Therefore, the Gallium team will open each package. We do our best to protect the original packaging.

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If your packages are in the Gallium store:

  • Gallium can charge certain quantities based on package weight and size to return the package to the seller.
  • If there is an amount to be paid for the return of the package, it is paid by the customer.
  • If the package was purchased for me using the buy service, there is no extra charge to return it to the seller.

If your package has reached your Arrival address (if delivered to you)

  • The return shipping fee and taxes to be generated belong to the user (You)
Benim için al nasıl kullanılır? chevron_right
  1. Copy the link to the product you will receive from the shopping site you want.
  2. Once you have entered your gallium account, click The Get for Me section and paste the product you copied into the search button in the Get for Me section
  3. You can continue by typing the color and body of the desired product in the necessary sections.
  4. After you add links to the products, you can confirm your requests.
  5. Once your requests have been approved, you can pay, we will inform you by e-mail that your request has been approved.


After you pay, your Gallium shopping consultant will order the products for you.


– Since the stocks and prices of online shopping sites change rapidly, we recommend that you pay for your Buy for Me requests as quickly as possible. You can also make the payment as soon as possible by activating the "Pay from Balance" option.

– For me, our commission fees for the buy service are 10% of the total purchase amount.

Commission fees will be refunded if the product is not in stock when ordering by us.

-After the product is delivered to us, the return is made according to the return policy of the shopping site

– 10 Euros per order can be applied according to the return request.

– Your Get For Me request is processed within our working hours.

Monday-Friday 8:00 – 18:00 pm

Saturday 8:00-15:00

Türkiye’den istediğim her şeyi sipariş edebilir miyim? chevron_right

You can buy any product you want, except for prohibited products.

You can buy clothes, décor items, books, DVDs, electronics, hobby materials, sports products, etc. from boutique or world-renowned brands.

(Especially cosmetics, food, chemicals and battery-powered products are on the banned list. Click here to see the rules of prohibited shipments and transport.

Hacimsel ağırlık nedir? chevron_right

The decisive factor in shipping costs is where the package you send occupies on board rather than its actual weight.

This is the volumetric (or dimensional) weight of your shipment.
Volumetric calculation; length x depth x height / 5000 is calculated.

For example, you will have a parcel of 60x50x50 sizes, which is simply calculated as follows.

60x50x50 = 150.00

150,000 / 5,000 = 30 Desi makes the volumetric weight of this parcel.

Put 3 kilos or 25 kilos in a 30-decilic column and the weight to be calculated is 30 Kilos/De.

However, if there is a weight of 35 kilos in this parcel, this time the volumetric weight is not taken on the basis of the actual weight, so your shipment is calculated as 35 kilos/deci.

Paket birleştirme işlemi nedir? chevron_right

If you select your packages through the site and send them to the same address, your packages will automatically merge.

You can also request physical consolidation by emailing our customer service the names of the packages you want to merge.

Your packages will be repackaged by merging them optimally.

Once a package is interfered with for free, a transaction fee of +€5 applies if you create a reassembly or downsizing request for the package you are defragmenting.

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